Virgin Media is prepping a next gen set top box, stuffed full of TiVo Premiere internet features, and it’s coming this year! Read on for what we know so far.

Virgin Media announced it was partnering up with TiVo to make the next gen Virgin Media set top box late last year, but we just nabbed a few more details on the plan: specifically, the new Virgin Media box will feature many, if not all, of the new offerings in the recently announced TiVo Premiere platform coming to the US.

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TiVo Premiere, revealed just last week, is a new service and set top box with a new look UI that pushes internet content to the fore, and while no UK plans were announced at the time, Virgin Media has confirmed to us that its new box will be based on the same technology.

“It won’t specifically be TiVo Premiere itself, but it will be inspired by the feature set that was announced our last week,” a Virgin Media spokesperson told us. “We’re looking to integrate all the functions or as many as possible.”

While we don’t know if the new Virgin Media box will come with a QWERTY remote as the TiVo Premiere hardware will, the spokesperson did stress that “part of that key feature set is bringing together internet content along with broadcast TV content”, so you can expect plenty of YouTube videos and online bonus features springing up around anything you want to watch.

We’d really love to see Lovefilm streaming support, as Sony and Samsung are beginning to roll out in their new TV lines, but we’ll let you know as and when we get any more details on the new Virgin Media box. Expect it before Christmas.

Out 2010 | £TBC | Virgin Media and TiVo

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