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The HTC Desire Android super phone goes on sale in the UK next month, but if you want to place your dibs early in case of a run like the HTC HD2 saw, the phone’s up for pre-order now. We’ve taken a look at the tariffs though, and we’ve got bad news: they’re not really as desirable as the phone itself.

While the HTC Desire, packing a 3.7-inch screen and Android 2.1, isn’t a network exclusive, Carphone Warehouse is listing the T-Mobile tariffs for it.

We were just getting used to blaggin even the latest smartphones free on a 2 year, £35 per month contract, but you can forget about that on one network at least: the HTC Desire will set you back £49.99 up front for a 24 month tariff, with data, 1200 minutes and 500 texts.

HTC Desire: hands on photos!

If you want to shave off a bit of money in the long run, you can buy the HTC Desire for £179.99 on a two year, £25 contract, but watch you don’t fall for any cheaper packages with no internet included, or you’ll be left with some very expensive bills after surfing.

Unless you’re already on T-Mobile and looking to upgrade to the HTC Desire, it might be worth waiting for the other networks to show their hands – even Three will stock it, so here’s hoping choice will drive the price down.

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