iPad UK price details have yet to be officially announced by Apple but it seems Play.com may have leaked them prematurely. After the iPad delay, could the iPad UK prices we’ve spotted be the real deal or is Play.com just guessing?

An eagle-eyed ElectricPig reader spotted that a clue to the iPad UK price can be found if you search for the iPad on Google Products, the search giant’s price finder service. Hop over to Play.com and you’ll just find placeholder pages but on Google Products, iPad UK price details are listed.

Search for “Apple iPad 16GB” on Google Products and you’ll get a iPad UK price of £499. Search for the larger 64GB version and there’s a price of £699.

It’s possible that Play.com has revealed the iPad UK price but there could be another explanation. The current iPad UK price listings are direct conversions from the US prices, originally announced by Steve Jobs, simply replacing the dollar sign with a pound symbol.

We’d hope that Apple won’t simply switch the dollar sign for the pound sign when deciding the iPad UK price. It has happened before but if it did this time, UK iPad users would be getting a pretty bad deal.

Macworld UK is current estimating the WiFi-packing iPad UK price for the 16GB model at £417 with the iPad 64GB coming in at £584. That would be more bearable and as we’ve heard before Apple may be more flexible on the iPad pricing than it has been with previous products.

Let us know what you price you’d be willing to pay for the iPad and whether you’ll be buying one at all.

Thanks to iPad Fan for the tip.

Due April | £TBC | Apple

  • CJ84

    Expensive! Not exactly the competitive price we were lead to believe it was going to be when it was announced!!

  • grebble

    They did this with the N97 too. They were way off then as well.

    • http://www.free-ipad.co.uk iPad lover

      But they leaked the price on the Nexus One and that turned out to be spot on. Don’t get me wrong, I hope it’s cheaper, but hey, I’m not holding my breath with Apple.

  • Jason01

    It’s being marketed as a laptop type thing – but the maximum size is only 64Gb and you can’t upgrade it? That’s why I wont be buying one.

    • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

      That’s fair enough, as it obviously depends on your own use scenario. But I do wonder what percentage of people fill up their 160 (or even 32GB) hard drives on netbooks. I suspect not that many so it may not be a problem.

    • Jay Tyler

      Actually, it’s being marketing as a laptop type thing at all. It’s being marketed as being between your laptop and you phone

      • Jay Tyler

        Meant to say *not being marketed as a laptop type thing at all

    • Matt

      Yep I agree, having 500GB of mp3s, videos & photos this isn’t going to be enough for me to be as a fully developed iPod “Pro”, and much as I like the look of it (and would love to be able to use my iPhone apps on a larger screen) I find the incompatability between MS Office (viewer only? c’mon pleez) and the copy and paste between apps far too restrictive to use as a computer “lite”.
      For me it doesn’t fill the gap between iPhone and Computer so I can’t justify spending £400+ on something that a £300 netbook can just do as well if not better.
      Sorry Apple, I was almost hooked there but I was the one that got away :(

  • http://www.ipadnput.com iPad Blog

    I could see a lot of people importing these from the states :D . From the prices you mentioned it would make more sense to buy them in the us and get them shipped over.

  • Kayman Luge

    I like the iPad, but simply will not purchase it at a ludicrous price.
    If the US 16gb WiFi model is $499 dollars (£327), then anything more than £349 in the UK is unacceptable.

    It’s up to customers to send Apple the message that they can’t rip us off in the UK.

    • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

      Amen – although I’ll accept a tad higher than that since that’s sans tax.

    • Jay Tyler

      Minimum it could possibly be is £327 + VAT which would make it £384.22

      • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

        Agreed – but do you think it’ll be more?

      • http://markharrison.wordpress.com Mark

        Please remember that US standard retail practice is to list prices WITHOUT sales taxes, which then get added on when you buy… wheras we in the UK expect to see the price we’ll actually pay.

        A US price of £327 would, in the UK, be subject to import duty (probably 10%, depending on how exactly it is classified), which takes us to £360…

        … then the LOT is subject to VAT at 17.5% (yes, under UK tax law, you pay VAT on import duty!), which gives a “retail price” of £422.65

        Anything over £422.65 is Apple ripping us off… but, alas, anything between your £327 and £422 is Gordon Brown :-(

  • PAT Testing Courses

    I can’t wait to get my hands on it – when is it going to be released in the UK?

    • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

      Late April, so about a month from now – what model are you thinking of getting?

  • Jack

    It’s more expensive than my god damn Gaming PC FFS

  • http://www.rosher.com Ray Rosher

    i love my ipod all 2 of them
    I love My iphone all 3 of them (past tense)
    However if as pundits seem to think, That the price will be the usuall ripoff here in the Uk,
    I for one will not be buying the Ipad Not the first batch anyway for the i think I’ll wait for the camera and odds n sods to be put on it

  • http://danielmcclure.com Daniel McClure

    personally I’d like to see it at £300 or less however I can see that is low compared to US prices. Any higher than 350 for the 16GB seems silly and 500 is ridculous.

  • http://www.geekanoids.co.uk Dave

    I didn’t read through all the comments, so sorry if this has already been said. Don’t forget the US have their own local taxes, so the $499 price could be +8% taking it to $549.

    • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

      Very good point Dave! Easy to forget about sales tax on this side of the pond…

  • V Williams

    I really want an ipad now – it’s ideal for what I want – I don’t need to store large amounts of data – I’ve got iMac for that. I want portability and I’ve got my itouch for that but I need a bigger screen (old eyes!). I thought about importing one but am going to stick to my principles and buy in the UK. However – unless the price and availability date are released in the next day or two I’ll be going with a laptop – known prices and available now.

  • Dave

    If this is true, I’m most disappointed. Initially I couldn’t see the point of the iPad but I’ve been converted and am eager to get hold of one. However, I was hoping for something in the £300 range. If it’s the higher end of £400-500, then I won’t be getting one.

  • http://www.wcq.ch gadgets for

    Sometimes I am really asking myself who is ready to such a high price for an average product. I guess the style of the Ipad is worth a lot of money.

  • peter Jones

    Pay up or shut up – whining about Apple prices is a waste of recycled electrons. If you can’t afford an iPad, buy some bit PC shit which doesn’t work and will be obsolete or broken in months.

  • Kay T

    I personally would love to own one of these. Autodesk sketchbook pro is releasing a drawing tool for the iPad and I already have sketchbook pro on my mac, now it means I can use the iPad as a sketchbook as well as a portfolio. Great for business users I’d say especially in the interactive field. I can also introduce it to my mother who is quite old and doesn’t have the patience to learn desktop computers, the iPad should be easy enough for her use and the best part is she probably won’t need her reading glasses as she can pinch to maximise. The biggest obstacle would be the price, the memory size of 16GB isn’t much and will be pain to pay over £400 for.

  • http://www.badbumble.com BadBumble

    Are the prices for the Wi-Fi version or the 3G version? I would expect that price for the 3G version, but not for the Wi-Fi version.
    I want the 64Gig Wi-Fi version, but I won’t pay over £500 for it. Don’t get me wrong, I really want one, but I won’t pay £700 for one and I don’t see the point of getting anything less then the 64Gig version.
    If it is over £500 then I just wait for the new iPhone to come out later in the year and I upgrade my old iPhone 3G

    • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

      Wifi only, although hose pricing have now been removed. Apple says it’ll announce UK prices on 10 May so you may have to hold on until then.

  • raymond

    i would love to buy the 32gb wifi ipad, i am prepaid to pay not more than £500 for it, remember it is not a stand alone device you need in my case a mac to sync it to.


    i took the minimum prices of the ipod classic in the uk and the us and calculated their amounts in each currency to get a % difference ratio. the result was that us british are paying 20.95% more on that product!! scum. anyhow, using that difference with the £ conversion from the ipad price in $, statistically it should cost us £393. Them charging as much as £100 more than that is truely disgusting!!! if this turns out to sell as well as they hope, many of us are infected with the apple bug!!!! shocking

  • Josh Ward

    I think that the iPad looks amazing but is not worth any more than £400. I expect and hope it will be £399.

  • Jonathan Mason

    Simply expecting direct conversion from $ to £ – so £325 – why not?

  • http://mardahbeatz.com beats for sale

    ahhhhh, who cares if it was leaked, everything gets leaked now a days

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