A Mac App Store to join the iTunes App Store could be on the cards after Apple unexpectedly offered up a single low price for developer licenses replacing the previous expensive and tiered system.

Apple took its site down and when it reappeared, it boasted a new survey, an updated license agreement and a $99 Mac developer license, far cheaper than before. The perfect price in fact to encourage developers to make apps for a Mac App Store.

Previously a Mac developer license was too expensive for most of the horde of iPhone app developers who have thronged the iTunes App Store.

Building a Mac App Store needn’t mean that Apple’s current approach of allowing developers to sell software via their own sites and through real world Apple Stores is going away but it would be a good addition.

Creating an Mac App Store would mean a far larger selection of software. It could also bring more new games to Macs as well the (very welcome) ports like Monkey Island or the rumoured Steam for Mac OS.

One question we have about the rumoured arrival of a Mac app store is, how would it fit it with the arrival of the newly delayed iPad and its versions of Mac apps like the iPad iWork suite?

Due TBC | £TBC | Apple (via 9to5Mac)

  • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

    Figures – why wouldn’t Apple want a bigger slice of 3rd party software profits?

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