Android gets Gesture Search

Android users can now search for contacts, bookmarks, apps and music on the phones using Google’s new Gesture Search app. But it seems at the moment only US Android users with Android 2.0 can get in on the doodling Gesture Search fun. Read on to find out while you’ll be gagging for the app to make it into the UK Android Marketplace…

Android Gesture Search allows you to simply draw the first few letters of the word you are looking for. If it gets confused and, as explained in the Google blog example, can’t work out if you mean an “a” or an “h”, it will simply give you search results for both letters.

The Gesture Search app for Android is currently only available to US users and is confined to devices with Android 2.0 which means the Google Nexus One and Motorola Milestone (aka the Motorola Droid).

Gesture Search will allow you to search on your Android phone without having to constantly keep your eyes on the screen as you can just daub letters on it. It’s a shame that it’s not currently available here and commenters on the Google Mobile Blog are up in arms about the lack of international availability.

Rest assured we’ll let you know as and when Gesture Search for Android hits the UK.

Out now (US only) | £TBC | Google

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