Playstation Arc really does look certain to be the name slapped on Sony’s motion controller. It’s popped up in plenty of places in the past and now Sony has applied for the Playstation Arc trademark in Japan.

We already knew that Sony had nabbed the Sony Playstation Arc web domain and the boss of game developer THQ seemed to let the name slip during an earnings call. With the trademark now locked down (in Japan at least) we’d be very surprised if Playstation Arc wasn’t the final name.

Then again, Sony could simply be grabbing the name Playstation Arc so nobody else can. We’ll know for sure next week when Sony demonstrate the motion controller at the unambiguously named Game Developers Conference session “Introducing the Playstation 3 motion controller”.

There’s also the mysterious Sony universal gamepad patent to ponder and if you’re more of an Xbox aficionado, Project Natal demo sessions seem to be hotting up.

Due TBC | £TBC | Sony Playstation (via Silicon Era)

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