JVC GZ-HM400 camcorder review JVC GZ-HM400 camcorder review

We love
Great shots in decent conditions, slow motion looks cool
We hate
Narrow lens, not great in low light
An ok HD camcorder, but pricey considering its features sometimes come up short
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The JVC GZ-HM400 is billed as one of the camcorder cobbler’s very best efforts, a gadget loaded up with the very latest video tech for you to push your home movie making skills up a notch. So how does it handle out in the wild? Read our JVC GZ-HM400 review and we’ll give you the full skinny.

Despite being a pricey piece, the JVC GZ-HM400 doesn’t quite live up to the billing JVC give it. For something that’ll set you back the best part of 700 big ones, it struggles as a complete all rounder. Getting your shots spit spot is a pain seeing as the f2.8 lens isn’t wide enough to cram in as much detail as possible.

You’ll also need to make sure you break out the JVC GZ-HM400 in the brightest of rooms or sunniest of summer days. Crank it up in a bar or club and pics become noisy affairs which make your pals look grainy. And that’s before they’ve got stuck into the beers.

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That’s not to say Full HD shots aren’t impressive when you do use the JVC GZ-HM400 in the right light. Colours are stunning, in fact, and look ace when you shovel them from the on board 32GB memory to your HDTV.

Likewise, the super slow motion feature is a winner, better than other camcorders we’ve recently fondled. With 100fps, 250fps and 500fps modes available, you can indulge in working up clips every bit as good as the emotive sporty efforts on show at the recently finished Winter Olympics.

Camcorder fans will be pleased to see full manual mode too for decent control over your movie making. But with some pretty big niggles and a price tag to make the eyes water, you have to wonder whether grabbing the JVC GZ-HM400 is a good move. Punters who want pro features are likely to lash out on something that rocks better low light skills and a less fiddly menu system.

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