The Astonishing Tribe, an excellently named Swedish mobile software firm, is demoing Recognizr, an augmented reality app that uses face recognition to identify strangers with your phone camera. Is this the ultimate networking tool or a frightening glimpse of the future?

Recognizr creates a 3D model of a person’s face when you point your phone camera at them. The information is then kicked up to a cloud server that compares the facial recognition information to a database. It then slings back matching the subject’s name and links to any social networking sites they’ve given it access to.

The augmented reality part of Recognizr shows the social networks that the subject is a member of floating in a halo around their head in the photo your phone snaps.

There are obviously plenty of privacy problems highlighted by Recognizr but the system will only allow you to identify people who have opted into the service by uploading a photo and a profile.

Google Googles, the search giant’s image recognition app, is already potentially capable of identifying faces and pulling up information about them but the feature is currently disabled.

Recognizr isn’t publicly available yet but the algorithms it uses are compatible with both Google Android handsets and iPhone. However, the current demo only runs on phones with a 5 megapixel camera and Google Android.

Due TBC | £TBC | The Astonishing Tribe (via PopSci)

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