London Taxi, a new iPhone app, calculates an estimated fare for grabbing a ride in a Black Cab, taking time of day and projected traffic conditions into account. But unsurprisingly the London Taxi app has irritated some cabbies…

Created by a pair of former Transport for London planners, the London Taxi app bases its estimates using the TFL Taxi Tariff.

Though there have been some glitches reported with the app (mostly around entering particular destinations), the app has received a number of excellent reviews. One cabbie on Twitter reported that it was just 10p out when he tested it against his meter.

However, CabbyDavid of Twitter cab finding service @tweetalondoncab, has slammed the app claiming: “If we were to go the routes [the app] suggested the fares would be double what they give.”

At just 59p, the London Taxi app is probably worth a punt though, especially as the developers are set to unleash an updated version imminently.

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Out now | £0.59 | iTunes

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