Viewsonic ViewBook Pro unboxed!

The Viewsonic ViewBook Pro only popped up on the computer cobbler’s official website today, but we’ve just scooped one for an unboxing and hands-on already. Is it merely aping Apple? A perfect PC? Read on and see for yourself in our gallery!

No, you’re not imagining it: the Viewsonic ViewBook Pro bears a striking resemblance to a MacBook Pro, down to the name and logo embossed below the screen. But the similarities end there: the Viewsonic ViewBook Pro runs Windows 7 and doesn’t pack the same stunning metal case, horsepower or island keyboard.

But considering the Viewsonic ViewBook Pro costs just over £700, that’s a more than reasonable trade off. The 13.3-inch machine still packs an Intel ULV COre 2 Duo processors, a 1280×800 screen capable of 720p HD video and a HDMI port to hook it up to a TV, plus 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive.

Viewsonic Moviebook 1080 PMP UK bound!

We’ll be honest: the design of the Viewsonic ViewBook Pro is old school, thick and chunky, without any of the flair of HP’s MacBook Pro rip off, the Envy. But it’s still a solid, easy on the eye machine, and in a genius little touch, it’s got a second button by the power switch to set a security alarm to go off if it’s moved.

Take a look at the Viewsonic ViewBook Pro right here in our unboxathon, and if you’re smitten, you can order one online now. Stay tuned for a review.

Out Now | £720 | ViewSonic

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