GoPro HD Helmet Hero review GoPro HD Helmet Hero review

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GoPro HD Helmet Hero

There’s a good chance that if you need a helmet cam, you’re the type of person who likes clambering up cliff faces and throwing yourself from planes. Handy, then, that the GoPro HD Helmet Hero is so extreme, working in the coldest conditions and able to take big old splashes of water to boot. So how does it measure up to the competition? Read our GoPro HD Helmet Hero review now to find out.

If you’re planning on taking the GoPro HD Helmet Hero on a trip to the far reaches of the UK’s tallest peaks, then it’s pretty much ideal. While some cams battery can be adversely affected by the extreme cold, this bad boy has a specially designed casing which keeps the battery warm and means you won’t run out of juice when you’re on the go.

There’s also stacks of space to store the 1080p clips that the GoPro HD Helmet Hero can film. There’s support for 32GB SD cards, which will stash around 4 hours of footage before you fill it up. If you don’t fancy going Full HD, you can always take things back down to HD Ready 720p and get 60fps slow motion filming. For those who want to cram in as many shots of faffing about on cliff tops as possible, there’s a WVGA option as well.

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The GoPro HD Helmet Hero is also dustproof and thanks to a removable exterior, it can survive plunges down to 60 metres. So it should survive any dunks in the hotel pool if you happen to take it on a more chilled out trip.

There are clips for you to stick it onto a regular helmet for climbing and caving, as well as one for adding to your bike helmet. You can also buy extras if you fancy strapping the GoPro HD Helmet Hero to a bike or a board.

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