Amazon Kindle for BlackBerry review Amazon Kindle for BlackBerry review

We love
Syncs perfectly, fast downloads
We hate
No page transition animations, can't buy from within the app in the UK
Unless you own a Storm, you won't want to use it for more than a few pages - but that's entirely down to the BlackBerry's small screen
Launch Price
3 Pages

Kindle for BlackBerry

The Kindle for BlackBerry app is here, ready to nab right now here and hook up to your ebook collection for a bit of paperback perusal on the go. Is it worth the download though? Read on and find out in our full Kindle for BlackBerry review.

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Head on over to Amazon’s US site and you can find Kindle for BlackBerry ready to download for every ‘Berry since the original Bold. Ignore what Amazon says – it’s not restricted to the US only – and just carry on with the install process anyway, and you’ll be reading on the move whatever country you’re in.

There’s only one thing the Kindle for BlackBerry app won’t let you do outside of the US, and that’s buy new ebooks from within the program. It’s slightly daft considering you can still set new purchases to be downloaded straight to Kindle for BlackBerry, and you can do it through the browser on the BlackBerry too, but since you can’t buy from within the app on the iPhone either, it’s not a huge drawback.

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Otherwise, if you’re a Kindle user you’ll be right at home with the Kindle for BlackBerry app. You can log in or sign up for the first time from the home screen, and within seconds (On a 3G connection) your whole collection will be ready for reading, complete with cover art. It’s as fast as you’d hope, with instant page turns, quick load times and perfect syncing between devices, remembering what page we were on and skipping straight to it on Kindle for PC and back again.

The Kindle for BlackBerry app renders text well, and resizes quickly when you change font size. The only drawback we found was the lack of animation between page turns: on the iPhone, the sideways scrolling is a useful indicator of when you’ve jumped a page and how many, but there’s nothing to signify it here, so too vigorous a swipe with the trackpad and you could skip forward too many pages without realising.

Otherwise though the Kindle for BlackBerry app is as good as it could be, considering the constraints the BlackBerry form factor places on e-readers – namely, the small screen. While the iPhone’s portrait screen is just about acceptable, a traditional BlackBerry’s screen can only comfortably fit a few lines of text on without bringing on the eye strain, and you’ll find yourself making page turns so often it becomes distracting. On a Storm though with its larger screen, these problems melt away, leaving you with an app that matches the iPhone version for speed and ease of use.

Frankly, the Kindle for BlackBerry app is no substitute for an eInk e-reader, and certainly won’t replace the trusty paperback on a commute by itself. But if you’re just a few pages short of finishing a pageturner and just can’t wait to find out wherever you are, it’s another great reason to pick the Kindle e-reader and platform as your digibook of choice.

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