Photoshop has already found its way to the iPhone with Mobile but now Photoshop 1.0, the very first version of the editing software, has been squeezed into a pocket version.

Photoshop 20th Anniversary, a commemorative iPhone app made for a celebratory event in San Francisco, replicates the original Photoshop 1.0 splash screen and the original software’s “Levels” panel.

Photoshop 1.0 was launched way back in 1990 and the Photoshop 20th Anniversary app replicates one of its features allowing you to adjust white point, black point and gamma on a photo from your iPhone photo gallery.

The Photoshop 20th Anniversary iPhone app was made by Corona (which makes an iPhone app development engine) and isn’t available in the iTunes App Store at the moment. However, the firm says it will make it available if Adobe likes the idea.

To perk up your iPhone photography skills, try our iPhone photography masterclass which crams in all the must-have apps. Mobile is also available for Google Android phones.

Out now | £free | Corona

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