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Worth a go if you're a subscriber, but it feels like Lovefilm made it just for the sake of it
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The Lovefilm iPhone app aims to give movie buffs better access to the DVD slinging service on the move, promising you the ability to check out new flicks and tweak your wishlist from your mobile. Does it do what it says on the tin? Is it worth signing up to Lovefilm for? Read on and find out in our Lovefilm iPhone app review.

Let’s get straight to the point: the Lovefilm iPhone app is extremely limited, but well executed. All it aims to do is let you tinker with your rental list, and add to it by offering searches for titles, and categories for new, popular and upcoming releases. Although you can get movie information if you’re not a Lovefilm subscriber, it provides nothing you can’t get elsewhere, so there’s no point in downloading if you’re not handing over a wodge every month.

Design-wise, it’s perfectly pleasant and functional, with icons ranged along the bottom to search, edit your list and adjust settings so that you can turn off any platforms you don’t own (Blu-ray or Xbox 360, for instance). From the home screen you can check out the latest releases and titles on the way, all accompanied by synopses, cast details and a thumbnail of the cover art. Cinephiles will find the search section adequate, and everything loads speedily throughout, making it a refreshing change from the company’s ugly, pop up box heavy website.

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At first glance, editing your current rental list works well. Just press Add to slip another film in the line up, or tap on an existing film for the option to remove. You can rate the priority of your new additions to your list as you choose them, though adjusting which existing films on your list you want Lovefilm to send you above all else isn’t entirely intuitive – the option is in a separate edit menu, as though you might repeatedly look at your list without any intention of tweaking it.

Really though, what disappoints us about the Lovefilm iPhone app is just how low the company has set the bar to clear. Where for instance is the ability to recommend films through Facebook or Twitter? Why can’t you rate a film from it? And above all, where is the integration with Watch Online, Lovefilm’s streaming service?

Now, we’re not expecting licensing issues to vanish and magical, instant and unlimited movie streaming on your iPhone over 3G to appear, but the lack of even movie or game trailers reeks of little effort. Lovefilm has begun to make noises about expanding its limited online streaming service to a few new TVs – and frankly we’d rather see it make more of an effort to open up actual online movie rentals on set top boxes and games consoles than waste money on developing text only mobile apps.

If you’re a paid up member, the Lovefilm iPhone app is worth a download, though it’s no reason to rush out and buy an iPhone. Lovefilm, could you please crack on with better online streaming now instead please?

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