You might not have heard of Liquavista before, but it’s one of the companies spearheading the push to full colour, e-ink screens that are easy on the eyes. It’s got a new prototype on show, so read on to see it in action!

Liquavista has got together with Texas Instruments, whose new OMAP systems wowed visitors at Mobile World Congress this week, to conjure up this slick new e-reader with a colour screen. Although sporting a rather large bezel, it’s a dazzling display of how a non-backlit colour screen will work, similar to the promising efforts we’ve seen from Mirasol.

Mirasol shows off modular colour e-reader

The best part? Texas Instruments is providing support for it on its OMAP platform, so colour e-readers using Liquavista screens would be easy to bring to market, and developer kits are going out soon as well. Take a look at what Liquavista can do in the video below and look for a wider launch in the not too distant future: would you prefer to read a magazine on this or an iPad?

Out TBC | £TBC | Liquavista (Via E-Ink Info)

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