The iPhone 3GS, combined with Vodafone’s selection of data tariffs, is a great combination for mobile bloggers but there are some accessories that can give you an extra edge too. Want to blog on the go like a pro? Then you’ll need the best iPhone blogging accessories.

There’re add-ons to give the iPhone 3GS a lengthier lifetime between charges, help you take photos and video hands-free, or simply protect your precious mobile while you’re out on the road. Read on, and we’ll fill your blogger’s backpack with all the finest kit available.

Power up with the Mophie Juicepack Air
If you’re constantly tweeting, taking photos and uploading videos to your blog, it’s pretty easy to eat up your iPhone 3GS battery. If you want to keep blogging and not be constrained by battery life worries, the Mophie Juicepack Air is a must-have add on.

The Mophie Juicepack Air looks like an ordinary case for your iPhone 3GS, but fits in an extra rechargeable battery, ready to give your iPhone 3GS up to twice the amount of charge to play with. You can also sync your iPhone 3GS while it’s clad in the Mophie Juicepack Air, and there’s a built-in LED status indicator to let you check how much juice is still in the pack.

The Mophie Juicepack Air will set you back £60, doubling the iPhone’s time between charges and giving you invaluable peace of mind to keep on blogging.

Keep connected with Vodafone’s SureSignal
If you’re unlucky enough to live in a 3G signal blackspot, lacking a data connection can make mobile blogging a bind. Vodafone’s Sure Signal gets around that by boosting the mobile signal in your home by hooking up to your existing household broadband connection.

As long as you have a minimum line speed of 1Mbps you’ll be able to hook the Vodafone Sure Signal up to your existing phone line and broadband provider, and boost your iPhone’s 3G signal. Best of all the Vodafone Sure Signal will let up to four people connect to it at the same time, meaning your whole family can benefit from faster, stronger 3G at home, whether they’re blogging, surfing the web on their phones, sending texts or making calls. Vodafone Sure Signal is available from £50 or from £5 a month. The price you pay to access the web is based on your individual price plan.

Super-charge your snaps with the Griffin Clarifi
Griffin’s Clarifi case improves the iPhone 3GS’s camera at close range by adding a macro lens for close-up photography. If you’re snapping shots of small items for your blog, or just want to capture details most people miss, the Griffin Clarifi case gives the iPhone mobile phones that ability as well as a protective case to stop your iPhone succumbing to knocks and scrapes.

The Griffin Clarifi’s macro lens is built in to the case, so you won’t lose it, and should you be taking shots from further away, it’ll slide out of the way. The Griffin Clarifi costs £15.

Take the knocks with the iBand
If you’re out in the hustle and bustle of a big event, blogging on your iPhone 3GS, it can be very easy to get knocked or for your iPhone to be dropped. The iBand case from Firebox packs in clever technology that makes it flexible enough to easily put on your phone but also incredibly shock-resistant.

The iBand case uses d30, an intelligent shock-resistant material developed in the UK by Richard Palmer – one of Electric Pig’s 10 British innovators who are changing the world. When you slip it on your iPhone it’s flexible but drop it and it’ll instantly become rigid and absorb the shock, protecting your iPhone from the impact. The iBand iPhone 3GS case is £19.99 from Firebox.

Go hands-free with the Joby Gorillapod Mobile
To film a really effective video, it’s important to keep the camera steady. That’s especially true if you want to film clips that feature you. The Joby Gorillamobile is a flexible tripod that you can attach to your iPhone 3GS to keep it focused on the action without you need to keep a firm grip on it.

One of the Joby Gorillamobile’s best features is its articulated legs which mean you can easily change the height of the tripod and wrap the legs around objects to keep your iPhone 3GS really stable while you’re filming. Best of all though is the free Gorillamobile iPhone app which includes a self-timer, takes time lapse photos, has a burst mode for rapidly taking action shots and includes anti-shake for when you do remove the phone from the tripod. The Joby Gorillamobile costs £24.99 from Firebox.

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