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General Mobile Touchstone: the Android HTC HD2

We’ve begged and pleaded for an Android version of the beautiful HTC HD2 Windows Mobile smartphone, but despite HTC dropping the stunning Legend and Desire phones, it’s been left to the General Mobile Touchstone to fill the void for Google fans lusting after a four inch-plus screen and thin form factor. See the phone up close, here in our gallery!

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We absolutely loved the design of the HTC HD2 when we reviewed it last year, but Windows Mobile was a major sticking point (Not so much now though, with Windows Phone 7 Series). But the General Mobile Touchstone is a near carbon copy of the phone, just loaded with Android 2.0.

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We’re talking a 4.3-inch high res WVGA screen, five megapixel camera, eerily similar back cover, 3G, Wi-Fi, and GPS on the General Mobile Touchstone. It does cut corners a bit by switching out the Snapdragon processor for a Marvell 624MHz CPU, but the company told us the General Mobile Touchstone will cost just €300 (£260) when it ships later this year, so you’ll save a packet if you like to buy blowers SIM-free.

Check out the General Mobile Touchstone here in our gallery. Is it worth waiting for?

Out Q4 2010 | c.€300 | General Mobile

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