Google CEO Eric Schmidt used his keynote address at Mobile World Congress to outline a bold new strategy tonight: Putting mobile software before the PC and betting Google’s entire future on the mobile in your pocket.

Speaking to a packed auditorium, Schmidt described the mobile phone as more than a gadget: “the phone is your alter ego,” he said. “It doesn’t think as well as we do, but it has a better memory. It has a better notion of where we are, and can take pictures. This really gives us an opportunity. It’s time to get behind this. What I would suggest now is that the new rule is ‘mobile first’. Mobile first in everything. Mobile first in applications, and how we use things.”

Schmidt had previously demoed new translation and voice search services in Google’s arsenal, and waxed lovingly about the Android OS, which now sells on 60,000 handsets every day, already a 100% increase on the month before.

“It’s time for us to make Mobile First the right answer,” he told a gripped audience of mobile industry employees. “Here we are, Mobile First, surrounded by the awesome power of networks you have created. The scale and computational power of the servers. The job here is to create magic, and put that all together in ways that make people think ‘oh my god, how did I live without this before’”

Schmidt explained that Google would, from now on, be producing mobile versions of all its applications and services before worrying about desktop computers. “At Google our programmers are working on things mobile first,” Schmidt beamed. “Of course we’ll have a desktop version, a high quality version, because our customers love them, but we’ll also have one on mobile phones. The top programmers want to work on those programs – it’s more human, more personal, more satisfying to them.”

Can Google bet the farm on mobile, and clean up? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • iJah420

    Eric Schmidt is a man who CAN NOT be trusted.

    he is a schist er backstabber. A pathetic excuse for a CEO.

    His keynote address sounds plagiarized directly from Apple’s playbook.

    magic, more human, more personal….. GMAFB!

    This guy is a !@#%ing A HOLE!

    • James Holland

      Or he’s the business genius that made Google the powerhouse it is today… I know which I’d rather believe. I have tons of privacy concerns when it comes to Google, but the pace of their innovation is unmatched anywhere else. It takes a strong CEO to keep pushing that sort of thinking forward.

      • Ben Sillis

        Well said. Google’s learning a lot of lessons the hard way of late with its new services, but it’s clearly trying to make amends where possible. And its ability to branch out into new markets and create new services I want to use just to lead you back to search is phenomenal. There was (and is) nothing to stop Microsoft doing the same thing. But does it? No. Google’s a gamechanger, so I’ll put up a lot from it while it continues to be.

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