Tiger Woods might still be in a heap of trouble with his wife but EA is still a big fan. EA Sports are set to release a line of sports accessories for the Nintendo Wii including golf clubs for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

EA previously ignored the Tiger Woods scandal to announce Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 which is due out in June. The new Wii golf clubs will work with that title and the previous installment in the Tiger Woods franchise.

The Wii clubs for Tiger Woods PGA Tour will stretch to 36”, so you’ll need to be quite careful when you start swinging them around in your living room or your TV screen will end up like the back window of an SUV.

As well as Nintendo Wii golf clubs, EA is adding tennis rackets for EA Grand Slam Tennis and baseball bats. All the new accessories will attach to the Wiimote and some will include support for Wii MotionPlus.

EA hasn’t announced when the new Nintendo Wii accessories will be available but with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 set to arrive in June, we’d expect to see EA’s clubs on sale at the same time.

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