Samsung Wave S8500: hands-on with bada!

The Samsung Wave S8500 bada blower made its official debut at Mobile World Congress here in Barcelona, and we were there to welcome it in with a glass of warm cocoa in one hand, and a camera in the other. See all the shots here, and find out if bada is everything Samsung said it would be.

First to the hardware: the Samsung Wave S8500 is shockingly gorgeous. It’s staggeringly thing considering how powerful it is, and the new Super AMOLED screen really is the best looking one we’ve ever seen on a phone. The Samsung Wave S8500 screen is bright, rich and deep, and while we couldn’t take it outside to check on natural light skills, we can testify to its enormous viewing angle. The phone feels super fast at times thanks to its 1GHz processor, and typing in landscape mode on the Samsung Wave S8500 seems thoroughly responsive.

Samsung Wave S8500: all the official photos!

But bada. Oh bada. From our play around – which sadly didn’t include the SocialHub feature since Samsung forgot to put any contacts on its test samples – we saw absolutely nothing new or innovative on the Samsung Wave S8500. The TouchWiz 3.0 feels like TouchWiz 2.0 still, with that same unpleasant pause whenever you prod a widget.

Typing in portrait mode is next to impossible on the Samsung Wave S8500, but we suspect it’s a software issue more than anything, and the web browser leaves a lot to be desired, with very unfriendly layout and a URL bar that’s a pain to summon. Samsung has created several bada apps to get the ball rolling it seems, and preloaded them onto the Samsung Wave S8500 (Facebook, Twitter) but none of them worked, instead crashing on a loading screen with a lovely logo.

The jury’s still out on bada, but from our play with the Samsung Wave S8500, it’s clear the South Korean giant makes the best hardware in the biz still. Check out the Samsung Wave S8500 up close in our hands-on gallery and stay tuned for video!

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