Foursquare, the location sharing check-in game that’s taken smartphone coffee shop addicts by storm, has just inked a deal with its first two national chains in the UK, including fast food giant Domino’s Pizza. Fancy a free slice just for walking by? With Foursquare on your phone that could soon be a reality.

Foursquare, which opened up to work anywhere last month, has signed its first two major UK retailers, Domino’s Pizza and Debenhams, meaning frequent visitors could soon take advantage of special offers at the stores just by checking in on the location game.

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Domino’s Pizza will give the Foursquare “mayor” (most frequent visitor) of each of its stores a free pizza once a week, while visitors to Debenham’s Oxford Street store can claim a free coffee on a Friday just by checking in on Foursquare. The mayor meanwhile can get free coffee any day of the week.

The advantage Foursquare offers for big brands is the opportunity to create buzz and word of mouth amongst the app’s users, and with the chance to bag free pizza, we can see that working. Want to become mayor and reap the rewards? Get your shoes on and start checking in, and we’ll let you know once more big names get on board.

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