Apple didn’t name their tablet the iTablet as some rumours predicted, but one British company hoping to piggy back on the iPad now has: presenting the X2 iTablet Windows 7 slate, with monster specs and absolutely no dignity.

The iTablet is actually surprisingly well specced for something that’s been pushed out of the gate just a week after Apple’s unveiling. It’ll run Windows 7 on a 1.6GHz Intel chip, with a 250GB hard drive inside, and there’s 3G and Bluetooth to get you connected.

On paper, the iTablet actually even beats the iPad in some respects: it packs three USB ports, a 1.3 megapixel webcamera and even HDMI out.

Apple iPad: all the official photos!

It’s worth remembering though that companies have been pushing out Windows tablets for almost a decade now with little success (There’s a reason Apple opted for iPhone OS rather than desktop OS X in the iPad) so there’s little reason to think the iTablet will change anything, especially when it’s 35mm (almost an inch and a half) thick.

Should you feel ready to take fanboy fightback to the next level against Apple though, you’ll be able to pick up the X2 iTablet in 10.2 and 12.1-inch flavours from April. Don’t come crying to us though if things don’t turn out as you hoped.

Out April | £TBC | X2 Computing

  • Mac Hoe

    Although the iTablet is a slate computer IMO the iTablet isn’t on the same niche as the iPad. I doubt that the iTablet could challenge iPads portability. But it could be a cheaper iPad alternative, that is if X2 can give the iTablet a competitive price

  • johnflynn

    looks cool, could you do a fallowup post.

  • hal9000

    It seems to be just and old AMtek T200 Tablet PC, renewed with W7 instead of XP Proffessional. Nobody pays attention to devices like this one (T200) until Apple shows theirs, just like nobody paid attention to touch smart phones (with a long live before the iPhone) until Apple released their own. Very sad…

  • David Foster

    Buy an ITABLET is all I want to do! if it’s as good as it looks i need to get one. The release date has passed. i have so many questions about it that can only be answered by using it myself. i almost bought the BIG IPOD. I’m glad i found out about this X2 i-TABLET. I can’t find it yet. maybe I have to go to London. The Ipad has no usb ports to hook up the printer. You have to email the documents to another computer,then print. I don”t understand why they dont have windows 7 on the ipad. i cant hook my wireless sprint card to it either. I have to buy “MOBILE ME”. I need to find this I TABLET for me and I want to get a pink ITABLET for my wife. The x2 itablet comes in colors like pink,blue,white and others, but Ipad doesn’t.

  • samantha

    I dont think it has been released yet i can not find it anywhere, or a price :(
    as for apple well i have a windows phone have for years and before the iphone was realeased, i dont really want to have too download a load of things just to be able to use it, apple phones do not even support flash?!? i have a HTC windows phone and love it, i think they produce very good phones but have not jumped on the fashion band wagon, i look forward too the i-tablet :)

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