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Skype has confirmed that it’s working on a version of its iPhone app to allow VoIP calls over 3G. The upgrade will use a feature included in the iPad SDK which no longer restricts VoiP calls on WiFi. Other iPhone apps have already begun adding 3G VoiP calls functions in the US.

Skype explained why it has not added 3G calling to its iPhone yet in a post on its official blog: “You may have seen other apps offering calls over 3G but we’re holding ours back for a little bit longer…so we can give you the very best audio quality we can. When our 3G-capable Skype for iPhone app is released, it’ll let you make calls in wide-band audio…”

The blog post also confirms that Skype is hard at work on a Skype for iPad app. The firm says it will announce news of that app and the 3G-enabled Skype for iPhone app via it’s official Twitter account (@skypemobile).

Skype’s recent developments have included a bump up to HD quality video calls and LG’s Skype-enabled TVs.

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  • timmy

    or indeed, via its official Twitter account.

  • VoIP software

    Now the Skype iPhone 4 version is available as well, nice work skype,

  • Internet phone

    I am sure if more people start using 3G VoIP application on network will get even more congested but for me I mainly use the WiFi for when I am at home or work so 3G is less of a concern.

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