Amazon’s Kindle could soon be getting a touchscreen to combat the thread from the Apple iPad. Amazon’s just snaffled up a small multitouch touchscreen maker with an interesting method of making colour screens that would be pretty much perfect for the Kindle.

Touchco, the company snaffled up by the book-selling behemoth, makes super-cheap touchscreen which are designed to cost under $10 a square foot. Amazon’s likely to have been most taken with the fact that Touchco’s screens are pressure sensitive, can detect multiple simultaneous touches and are totally transparent.

Touchco’s touchscreens avoid the need for the layers of material which traditional resistive touchscreens use (which dim the brightness) and are designed to work with full colour LCD screens. Apple’s use of a colour multitouch LCD in the iPad means Amazon needs to up its game – Touchco could be the perfect way to do that.

Once Apple’s iBooks are on sale, Amazon will have a full-scale war on its hands. We’d guess it’s already working hard to get a full-colour touchscreen Kindle designed and developed. Do you think Amazon can fight back against the Apple iPad or does the ease of reading e-ink screens already give it an advantage?

Due TBA | £TBA | Amazon (via NYT)

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