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Sagem Wireless is getting in on the Android game, promising several Google flavoured devices this year, with a unique twist: they’ll come with fingerprint sensing tech, for the ultimate phone lock.

Ahead of Mobile World Congress later this month, French phone peddler Sagem has revealed it’s inked a deal with security kit company UPEK to bring its fingerprint biometric tech to new phones this year, including “new Android-based mobile devices.”

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Unless Sagem is making an unwise move into Android netbooks and tablets, that sounds like a Sagem Android phone – or two – with a fingerprint sensor.

But Sagem’s not just keen on getting rid of the Android join-the-dots lock screen, but bringing the tech to a wide bunch of mobile applications too, promising to provide an open system for developers to take advantage of, be it through quick app purchasing or more secure mobile banking.

Sagem will be showing off fingerprint ID working on Android applications at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, and we’ll be there to try them out. We’ve got fingers and toes crossed that those new Sagem Android phones will be on show too.

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