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Proporta Twisted System Portable Speaker

Turning your mobile into a speaker system might conjure up images of delightful young things blasting out Chipmunk on the top deck of the bus. But that’s not what these neat little numbers, the Proporta Twisted System Portable Speakers, are about. The idea is to let you unleash your tunes when you’re away from home, but still need a hit of your favourite prog rock band. Read our complete Proporta Twisted System Portable Speaker review now to see if they’re up to the job.

At just shy of £25, the Proporta Twisted System Portable Speaker aren’t going to replace your regular hi-fi, or even your MP3 dock, as a way of churning out tunes in the home. But then, that’s not the point. These are made with travel in mind.

There are two speakers in the box, each one a 70mm cube, which you can twist in order to change the sound direction. They’re not so small that you won’t notice them in a bag, but they do pack a veritable punch when you hook them up to your mobile. We plugged in our Nokia 5800 using the 3.5mm jack and the sound was surprisingly decent: sharp, punchy and with decent bass.

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Alongside the standard headphone port, you’ll also find a mini-USB port for plugging in your lappie or any other USB friendly gadget into the Proporta Twisted System Portable Speakers. It’s a cool move and means these work just as well as budget speakers for your computer as well as holiday soundtrack enablers.

The build is also surprisingly neat, the black design not going down the same road as some garish efforts you’ll find on the market. Ok, they won’t win any awards. But if you’re after a basic, budget speaker set to free up your music when you’re on the road, then you can’t go wrong with the Proporta Twisted System Portable Speakers.

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