Nokia Ovi Maps was pretty exciting when it dropped the price tag last month, but now the Finnish phone firm has injected some more fun into its maps app with Nokia Ovi Maps Racing. Ready to go speeding around real world maps? Ovi Maps is about to let you do just that.

Nokia Ovi Maps Racing allows you to turn almost any street in the world into a race course. Don’t go dreaming of a speed-thrill behind the wheel of your actual motor though – this is a mobile phone game.

The top down 2D racer puts your virtual car on real world roads, letting you skid, slide and speed your way through proper roads, down real-world highways and through actual fords. All without incurring a single speed fine.

Nokia Ovi Maps racing will work on any Nokia Symbian^1 (also known as Symbian S60 5th edition) phones. It’s free and you can see it in action in the video above.

Out now | £free | Nokia

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