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A Sony PSP isn’t normally the first thing you’d think to pull out of your pocket at half time, but if you’re an Arsenal fan, you’ll definitely want to take yours next time you go to the Emirates: Sony’s inked a deal with the football club to stream replays and other match info to the handhelds, so the crowds won’t make you miss a single shot.

Televised football can’t match the atmosphere of going to a game, but all those slow-mo replays and multi-angle clips do mean you never miss a goal at either end of the pitch. Starting later this month however, you’ll be able to use a Sony PSP or PSPgo to watch match footage and replays during a game, so you’ll be able to tell whether the ref called it right every time.

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The service, called Arsenal TV Matchday +, will also sling live match statistics, player profiles and even Man of the Match voting to your Sony PSP, over a dedicated Wi-Fi network, with access costing £10 for all the remaining home games of the season.

Neat no? Arsenal TV Matchday + will be available through later this month. Now if only more teams would do the same, and with another popular handheld device too.

Out February | £free | Sony and Arsenal

  • TonyS

    Controversial refereeing incidents are NOT shown inside the ground so you most certainly will not be able to tell if the ref has got it right.

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