eReader for Symbian S60 review eReader for Symbian S60 review

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eReader for Symbian S60

Forget the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad for one hot minute. Because you can read eBooks on your blower too. eReader for Symbian S60 is the latest effort to land on our Nokia cell, so we’ve broken out our reading specs, dimmed the lights and curled onto the couch to see if this is a bookworm’s best pal or offensive on the eye. Read our eReader for Symbian S60 review now and we’ll tell you just what’s what.

There are naturally some reservations about reading on a smartphone, whatever flavour it is. The screen’s are often too small and mean you can’t stare too long before your sight goes squiffy. These rather major concerns aside, eReader for Symbian S60 is a fairly neat addition that certainly looks sharp on the touchscreen titans it’s designed for. We tried it on a Nokia N97.

You get two books thrown in with eReader for Symbian S60: The Time Traveller and Around The World in Eighty Days. These are the first things you’ll see on your home screen, rendered as proper books, something which Apple clearly has taken its cue from for the iBooks store.

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Navigation is done via the touchscreen, which you can either swipe to turn the page, or tapping the screen. The latter is definitely preferable, with the N97’s touchy panel just not up to the job of picking up your swishing digits first time.

The text itself is easy enough to read and you can tweak the font and even the ‘paper’ to make things easier on your eye. In truth, these are cosmetic additions which do little to stop your peepers from aching after a solid period of reading. And there are other niggles with eReader for Symbian S60. Getting converted PDB files onto your phone is a struggle, with the app failing to recognise the ones we added and meaning we had to go through a convoluted process of uploading them to the eReader site before sticking them on the phone.

There are plenty of PDB files up for grabs for eReader for Symbian S60. But the whole thing throws up the wider issue of reading books on your blower. You really do need a screen bigger than a paperback to make it work and the fact is, as clever as apps like eReader for Symbian S60 are, they’re still not as good as a dedicated e-reader.

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