Acer rules out iPad rival

It was just two days before the launch of the iPad that we heard Acer talking up a tablet of its own, but the slate might already have been put on ice: a top Acer exec now says that it won’t try to compete in the Apple iPad’s new territory.

Last week, Acer’s chairman JT Wang was hinting at Acer’s secrets down in R&D when asked about an expected Apple tablet, but now Acer Taiwan president Scott Linn has ruled out a similar tablet computer, according to the DigiTimes.

According to the report, “Lin pointed out that designing an iPad-like device would not pose any technical challenges for Acer, but said such a product does not fit into Acer’s business model.” He goes on to cite how the iPad will be supported through iTunes, and that given that no one has come up with a real rival digital media store so far, “other players are unlikely to be able to replicate its result simply by copying.”

Acer tablet to pack Chrome OS?

That could put pay to hopes of a Google Chrome OS tablet, but Acer’s still ploughing on ahead in the netbook sector, which Lin declared a “different consumer [group]” to potential iPad buyers, so you can expect it still to be one of the first out of the gate with a machine running’s Google’s new desktop operating system.

It looks like the iPad might have claimed its first scalp already: will Asus and MSI carry on with their plans, or will Apple’s low pricing force them out of the market before it even begins too?

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