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Sky+HD 1TB box stashes 240 hours of HD video

A Sky+HD 1TB box has just gone on sale, quadrupling storage space and letting you keep up to 10 whole days of HD programmes onboard at a time. Hoarders rejoice!

The Sky+HD 1TB box works just like the previous Sky+HD box, but the terabyte hard drive inside, which will store 240 hours of HD, or 740 hours of standard definition telly. Sky Anytime has also been ramped up to allow for 160 hours of HD content at a time.

Sky 3D TV kicks off this weekend

The Sky+HD 1TB box will also work with Sky 3D, due in homes later this year, and the broadcaster’s forth coming on-demand service.

You’ll be able to pick up a Sky+HD 1TB box now for £249, and you can see how to get one at the link below.

Out Today | £249 | Sky+HD

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