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The HTC Bravo‘s made another appearance in the wild, but this time there’s word of yet another tasty new phone with it: the HTC Legend, which an insider says will sport a unibody aluminium shell, MacBook Pro style.

Komorkomania has received a tip off that a HTC Legend is on the way, packing Android, a five megapixel camera, AMOLED screen and an optical trackpad in place of the Nexus One‘s trackball. But the best bit? This HTC Legend is supposedly made of a single aluminium case: if it looks like a smaller, metal HTC Hero as claimed, it sounds like one stylish handset.

HTC Bravo spotted in the wild

If you’re wondering what’s made us take the tip seriously, it’s the photo the insider supplied of a HTC Bravo in the wild, spied for the first time in the flesh just last week. Whoever’s making these claims is privy to a hands-on with HTC’s as yet unofficial phone.

If the HTC Legend is legit, chances are we’ll be seeing it pop up in just the same way very soon. All you Apple Tablet tipsters, take note: if you’re going to spill the beans, send us a legitimate photo of a new iPhone to go with them please.

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