Top Gear BBC Worldwide, the BBC’s commercial arm, is preparing a range of iPhone, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and online games based on its biggest shows including Doctor Who, Top Gear and children’s favourite In The Night Garden.

While the BBC wants Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii games, it’s also got its sights set on iPhone and Facebook apps. “We are open to conversations with anybody in games about all kinds of business models,” says Neil Ross Russell, BBC Worldwide’s MD of children’s and licensing.

The BBC closed its multimedia division in 2005 after sales slumped. It also failed to get a Spooks game for PS2 off the ground. The new campaign will see kids games headed for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS with other shows like Doctor Who and Top Gear arriving as iPhone and Facebook apps.

BBC Worldwide has hired former senior EA games exec, Rober Nashak, to head up its digital entertainment division. It clearly means business but what BBC shows would you like to see turned into games? And is the idea of a virtual Jeremy Clarkson not slightly disturbing?

Due TBA | £TBA | BBC Worldwide (via MVC)

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