YoutubeYoutube is introducing a new stripped back design for video-player pages to make the site more appealing to film companies at one end and user uploads at the other. Read on to discover why Youtube thinks muting its design is the key to future success…

Youtube hasn’t rolled out its new design to everyone yet but you can switch to it by clicking here. A link in the upper right of the interface will allow you to switch back if you want to. The new version of the site keeps search results, playlists or recommended videos available even as you click through different clips.

The theory behind Youtube’s redesign is to make the site more appealing to movie studios, making viewers pay more attention to what they’re watching and less to the user interface.

Youtube’s head of design and user experience, Margaret Stewart says: “[It] is more subdued…the container needs to feel like a welcoming home for everything from user-generated content to feature-length films. It’s an interesting design challenge.”

The new stripped back Youtube design removes the “Broadcast Yourself” slogan and the site’s five-star rating system. The altered design replaces stars with a ‘like’ rating allowing you to add it to your favourites. If you dislike a video, there’s a new “thumbs down” rating.

Youtube’s design tweaks follow the news that it’s working on a film rental service and is set to introduce live sport. Take a gander at Youtube’s new look and let us know what you think.

Out now | £free | Youtube (via Wired)

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