Nokia Ovi Maps free navigation: hands-on photos!

UPDATE: We’ve just taken Nokia Ovi Maps’ free navigation features for a test spin on a rickshaw around London. Read on for the news photos and first impressions.

Nokia Ovi Maps now offers free navigation for anyone looking to skip the cost of a full blown satnav, and we’ve just had a quick hands-on to see how it works. Read on for all the photos!

Nokia Ovi Maps’ free navigation also sees a new UI introduced along with it. We saw it demoed on a Nokia N97 Mini (and on one connected to a larger TV), but the interesting thing was that it had no data connection at all (To prove a point, the press conference was held at the top of a skyscraper in London with no 3G signal). Yet the phone was still able to search for POIs, pull up routes and simulate travel, using preloaded maps and GPS.

We got a chance to see how Nokia Ovi Maps free navigation works in both pedestrian navigation and drive, and while the former doesn’t look particularly more helpful than just watching the dot move on Ovi Maps normally, drive is well executed and smooth.

We tested drive mode on a short journey around the centre of London, and came away impressed: on an E72 at least, it really is fast, with sharp graphics, loud voice directions audible even in outdoor traffic, and quick rerouting. Nokia’s route calculation isn’t perfect by any means, and it sent us on a longer route than necessary to get to our destination, but we suspect where one way systems aren’t the norm, you may not even notice.

We’ll be putting the new Nokia Ovi Maps free navigation through a full review soon, but in the meantime, check out the photos right here.

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