Nintendo DSi XL review Nintendo DSi XL review

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The massive screens make games like Zelda: Spirit Tracks and New Super Mario Bros. look better than they’ve ever done before
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Portability is sacrificed for comfort
Nintendo’s attempt to crack the older end of the gaming spectrum is a queer beast, but on the whole we’d certainly recommend the DSi XL to anyone who is thinking of picking up their first DS console
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The all new Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo’s latest DS console might not be available in the UK until March but that hasn’t stopped us getting our hands on a Nintendo DSi XL and putting it through its paces. Read on for our hardware review of the shiny new Nintendo DSi XL.

When you first pick up the Nintendo DSi XL it’s tempting to imagine that it’s a normally-proportioned console and you’ve merely shrunk slightly; whereas the common route for portable electronics to follow is miniaturisation, Nintendo has bucked the trend with the DSi XL by created a machine that is considerably larger than previous models.

Ironically, this increased bulk actually makes the Nintendo DSi XL more comfortable to use; the finger-punishing cramps that were a common problem with older DS variants are now a thing of the past. Naturally, you have to balance this against the amplified weight and size; at 314 grams and with vital statistics of 91.4 x 161 x 21.2mm, this is undoubtedly the least pocket-sized edition of the DS yet seen.

Nintendo DSi XL UK launch date revealed!

The Nintendo DSi XL is dominated by the twin 4.2 inch 256 x 192 pixel screens which are 93% bigger than the ones seen on the all-conquering DS Lite. Not only do these displays make DS titles look better than ever, they also boast an improved viewing angle – something which Nintendo is adamant will make mobile gaming a more social experience as friends and family members will find it easier to have a nose at your on-screen performance.

The console itself isn’t the only thing that has blatantly ignored a sensible diet regime; the standard stylus is also longer, and there’s even an additional pen-like pointer included which positively dwarfs the tiny-looking stylus which was included with previous DS units.

Elsewhere though little has changed; the Nintendo DSi XL’s menu system is the same as it was on the DSi and it’s obviously possible to connect to the DSiWare store and download games and other applications.

It’s difficult to recommend the Nintendo DSi XL to those of you that have already made the plunge and purchased a DSi; aside from the larger screens there’s little to gain here. It’s also a crying shame that Nintendo won’t permit users to transfer their DSiWare purchases between machines, because it means that those upgrading from the previous model will have to re-buy all of their beloved games and apps.

With this in mind the DSi XL is going to be more attractive to those who remain firmly entrenched in the land of the DS Lite – or even the original DS “Phat” – rather than those who only last year took the step up to the DSi.

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  • Reuben Gathright ~ Concerned Parent

    Nice article, bigger screens are always better!

    Not being able to transfer games is going to be a tough pill for many DSiware customers.

    Have you seen all the new Nintendo DSi games coming out in March 2010?

  • James Kelly

    The screens are awful. The lowest resolution screens I have EVER seen. 256 x 192 on a 4.2inch display?! Are you fucking serious, Nintendo?! The cameras are dreadful to. VGA is so 10 years ago. Nintendo should be very ashamed. Their products are low quality, ugly, extremely dated CRAP!

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