Toshiba Satellite T110 review Toshiba Satellite T110 review

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Toshiba Satellite T110

Toshiba has blazed a bit of a trail with powerful, but dinky laptops ever since the dawn of its much-lauded R500. So how does its latest little lappie, the Toshiba Satellite T110, stack up? Does its size mean its just a beefed up netbook? Or does it point to a future of specced up size zero machines? Read our complete Toshiba Satellite T110 review now and we’ll reveal all.

Like the Samsung X120, the Toshiba Satellite T110 totes a sharp 11.6-inch screen. Tosh’s number has an HD Ready, 1366×768 resolution, making it great for watching hi-def flicks on the go. The only real let down is that there’s no DVD drive, so you’re going to need either an external player or the dosh (and broadband speed) to download HD movies.

Under the hood, you’ll find an Intel CULV processor, which sets this apart from similarly sized netbooks, which use the pared down Intel Atom chip. It all means that Windows 7 Home Premium, which comes preloaded, runs like a dream, although you’ll want to make sure you don’t run too many apps at once. We fired up our browser, a raft of Office apps and Media Player and things did get a tad sluggish.

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Treat it well, however, and the Toshiba Satellite T110 will last well over four hours before it needs another dose of volts. That compares well to the Samsung X120, which clocked in just below the four hour mark on test.

The comparisons to Sammy’s machine don’t end there. Like the X120, the Toshiba Satellite T110 has a very clean, slick design, which is bound to draw envious looks when you yank it from your laptop bag. However, the keyboard has some annoying bounce and the touchpad is occasionally inaccurate. Sure this is a cheaper machine, but we’ve used Asus netbooks that have a better typing experience.

Size, however, is where the Toshiba Satellite T110 comes into its own. At just 30mm at its thickest point, and weighing a mere 1.5kg, it doesn’t cause your shoulder to sink every time you lug it around. And at £450, it’s also a bargain, especially considering there’s HDMI, three USB ports and a decent version of Windows 7 on board.

If you’re after a new laptop and want something with netbook styling, but smarter innards, the Toshiba Satellite T110 is definitely worth looking into.

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