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Philips MuseThe Philips Muse is a decent, if not extraordinary, media player in its current form, but a new model spied recently looks like it could fill a Zune HD shaped hole in anyone’s gadget wishlist in the UK: it’s toting HDMI for flatscreen playback.

Gone is the massive bezel and boring black shade of the current Philips Muse: in its place is a polished silver affair with a bright 3.2-inch touchscreen, an SD card slot and HDMI output for just $149.99 (£92). The Zune HD also offers 720p playback on a big screen, but isn’t on sale in the UK.

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Also incoming alongside a new Philips Muse is an updated Philips Cam, a small 8GB PMP clearly aimed at the iPod nano market – it even has a camera for video and stills. Its thickness however won’t trouble the nano when it launches in April for $99.99 (£60).

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