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Johnny ShihAn Asus tablet? Better believe it. The Taiwanese tech titan’s president just let slip that it’s got one stashed away inside R&D right now. Will it be an Eee branded e-book?

Asus chairman Johnny Shih, who unveiled the company’s insane Waveface concept at CES last week, sat down for an interview with ZDNet recently, where he spoke about future Asus netbooks and smart-books, as well as the existence of an Asus tablet.

When asked if a tablet could replace the notebook, Shih replied in the negative. “The mainstream may still need to type. We already have that [the slate] in our lab too, but it’s the same situation that I mentioned before — what’s the right timing? If you do not provide all the content, you can’t say you are ready,” he said.

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So, Asus has a tablet down in the research and development dungeons. Shih didn’t elaborate on whether Asus was hunting content partners, or if he was referring to the dual screen laptop concept Asus was flashing around last year.

But given the hype with which companies like NVIDIA and even HP have been pushing tablets this year, we wouldn’t be surprised if an Asus tablet did emerge this year. The only question is, will it run Windows, Android or Chrome OS?

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