Vodafone iPhone review Vodafone iPhone review

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Vodafone iPhone

After a lengthy wait, the iPhone has finally landed on Vodafone. That leaves only T-Mobile as the only major player without Apple’s record-breaking blower on their books. So how does the Vodafone iPhone compare to the offerings from O2 and Orange? Read our complete Vodafone iPhone review now and find out.

As you’d expect, the device itself is no different to the one you can pick up on Orange and O2. We tested a 16GB iPhone 3G S and the results were every bit as good as you’d expect from an iPhone.

The UI and App Store remain Apple’s calling cards. Both are zippy, and the Vodafone iPhone gave us full 3G signal from our South West London pad, getting onto the App Store and loading web pages through Safari in a jiffy. That compares well to O2, whose coverage remains patchy and usually slips to EDGE in our neck of the woods. However, it’s pretty much the same as Orange, with loading times nigh-on identical.

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In fact, if you want any reason to get a Vodafone iPhone, it’s the tariffs that are likely to give you the biggest push to jump on board. The £30 a month basic deal is excellent on a two year contract, with 300 minutes and unlimited texts at the time of writing. However, Vodafone’s entry into the iPhone wars has not led to an all out price war as we had hoped.

The Vodafone iPhone is the same phone we’ve known and loved for years. And coupled with its deals, it’s an attractive proposition. If you’re new to the iPhone, we think Vodafone and Orange are neck and neck, and in our tests certainly offer a stronger, and more reliable signal than O2′s version.

However, it’s hard to recommend the iPhone 3GS as a purchase on any network with a truly clear conscience. The handset has now been available for six months, with Apple widely expected to unleash a new version by July. Sure, Vodafone’s network is a strong proposition here, but we’re uneasy about slapping down the cash for a phone that’ll be imminently outdated.

That said, it’s a testament to the iPhone’s capabilities that it remains the mobile du jour, even while newer handsets crowd the market. If you’ve got the upgrade itch, or have been eyeing the Apple handset for months, its availability on Vodafone should give you another nudge towards purchase. It’s a truly great handset, and Vodafone’s offering puts it on a solid network at a fair price. If you can live with the constant fear of upgrade envy when Apple refreshes its lineup later this year, there’s now nothing to stop you taking the plunge.

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