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Vodafone iPhoneThe Vodafone iPhone may be arriving six months after the first third gen iPhones shipped, but it’s off to a flying start nonetheless: the network reckons it’ll have shifted 50,000 new iPhones by close of play today.

If the Vodafone iPhone sales meet targets, Vodafone will have smashed the 30,000 Orange claimed on the first day. It also outranks estimated sales of the Google Nexus One, which analysts peg at around 20,000 after one week.

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You can see how frantic the action was at one of Vodafone’s stores today in the video below:

Did you buy a Vodafone iPhone today? Have you tested out Vodafone Navigation yet? Be sure to let us know how you get on, and if you’ve been on another network with the iPhone previously, how they stack up.

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