Motorola tablet incoming?

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Motorola tablet incoming?Could a Motorola tablet be on the cards? Tablets are back in this year, with Apple’s heavily rumoured slate due anytime now, and NVIDIA’s CEO calling 2010 a “tablet revolution“, but now the US phone giant has hinted it could be getting in on the game too.

Laptop Mag sat down for a tête à tête with Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha recently, and quizzed Moto’s boss about the possibility of a Motoblur-like tablet.

While Jha didn’t give a clear cut answer, he did speak about the task of creating a pocketable device with a screen big enough for creating, not just “consuming”, promising that “you’ll see some innovation from us in this space…We want to understand what tablets could do and why they can be useful and why they can’t be useful.”

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Jha stressed that Motorola wouldn’t just make a tablet for the sake of it, saying “I’m not going to be jumping on the bandwagon. I think we need to understand what problem we’re solving and why we’re solving it.”

Still, it’s clear that a Motorola tablet is at least something being discussed right now in the R&D dungeons at Motorola HQ. We’ll keep you posted if Jha gets a tablet-based brainwave anytime soon.

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