AppleApple’s Geniuses are about to get a new breed of colleagues. Apple is currently recruiting for Apple Store Experts who will act as roving sales people, and more importantly give tech support advice without the need to make an appointment at Apple’s often-crowded Genius Bar. Is this the end of queueing? Or a more aggressive sales technique by Cupertino?

According to reports, Apple is interviewing for new staff this week with plans to debut the new Expert class of employees within the next couple of weeks – good timing for the arrival of the Apple Tablet, or simply a way to thin out those crowds waiting for Genius attention?

The Apple Store Experts will be combination of sales person and tech guru and will apparently have knowledge of the whole breadth of Apple’s product range.

The ‘Expert’ title was initially only available to current Apple Store employees who were promoted, but now it seems Apple has widened the net to include new recruits.

Thinking of applying to become an ‘Expert’ or set to be one – you can tip us off here. And if you’re simply just an Apple customer, do you welcome the new breed of tech support? Give us a shout in the comments section below.

Due TBA | £free | Apple (via AppleInsider)

  • Ben Sillis

    I’ll happily take extra Apple staff to get round Apple’s ludicrous appointment system, which I’ve seen on more than one occasion show no available bookings at all. When the down key came off my MacBook Pro unibody, it took THREE visits just to get them to put a spare one on.

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