inkletTen One Design’s Inklet, a new Mac OS X Snow Leopard app, turns your Macbook’s multi-touch trackpad into a drawing tablet. Read on to find out why you can leave your Wacom Bamboo at home…

Inklet brings up a drawing canvas in applications like Photoshop, Brushes and Illustrator and converts your movements on the trackpad to pen and brush strokes. Inklet isn’t active all the time – you can activate or deactivate it using a keyboard shortcut or an icon in the menubar.

If you don’t fancy just poking at your trackpad with your finger, Inklet is also available with the Pogo Sketch, a capacitive drawing stylus which will give you a bit more precision. It’s not hugely expensive either – Inklet alone will set you back $25, the package with the Pogo Sketch is $34.95.

Inklet will work with any recent Macbook or Macbook Pro with a multi-touch trackpad running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. If you want to try before you buy, there’s a demo version available to download.

Out now | $25 ($34.95 with Pogo Sketch) | Ten One Design

  • David Blanar

    Interesting and potentially useful. But separate tables have other benefits, such as scrolling and hot keys that this won’t provide.

    This might be good for infrequent or light use but I’m sceptical it will cut it for serious work.

  • Anthony Pullano

    Will this be incorporated into the iPad in any way? If you release an app that will screenshare with my MacBook Pro and work as a wacom tablet, I’d not only buy the app I’d buy the iPad strictly for that app.

  • sendemallhome

    I'll look into this. I've been looking for a stylus-type system for the MacBook Pro trackpad.

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