Tweetdeck adds listsTweetdeck for iPhone has added Twitter Lists, a choice of retweeting methods and geo-tagging for tweets and the ability to see them on a map. The  desktop version of Tweetdeck was updated recently, now the iPhone app has caught up too.

Tweetdeck for iPhone now gives you the ability to retweet either using the old DIY method or Twitter’s new official retweet function. Another recent Twitter feature has also found it’s way to the iPhone app with the ability to add Twitter lists as columns.

Geotagging’s a big new addition for Tweetdeck for iPhone. Enable geo-tagging at and you’ll be able to add location data to every tweet your fire off from your iPhone. Select a tweet and a map showing the location it was sent from will be shown alongside it.

The ‘View on Map’ feature lets you see all the tweets in a Tweetdeck for iPhone column and see them plotted onto a map. The perfect feature for Twitterers with lots of friends, private detectives and hardcore stalkers.

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  • iphoneholic

    Geo-tagging is great for advertisers, but who wants the whole world to know where they are every minute of the day?

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