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Who needs an Apple iSlate or a Microsoft Courier? We’ve just spotted the MSI Dual Screen Notebook tucked away in one of the quieter corners of CES. It’s slim, sexy and has two screens instead of a keyboard.

The MSI Dual Screen Notebook has twin 10 inch screens and runs Windows 7, we’re told. There’s a software keyboard on the lower screen, and there’s also an e-reader function. Makes sense, since it looks like an oversized hardback.

Storage is supplied by an SSD inside, and while we couldn’t prize any information on the Dual Screen Notebook’s battery life from MSI’s peeps there is promise of a “mellow low power solution,” at least according to the CES bumph surrounding MSI’s new baby.

At the moment, the MSI Dual Screen Notebook is just a concept, so there’s no word on when (or if) it’ll make it to reality. Doesn’t stop us wanting one though, and you will too once you’ve checked out the pictures above.


  • SoDisApointEd

    I was so excited to hear someone was coming out with a dual screen laptop! Then I saw this page, and my hopes have been dashed! Who needs a screen instead of a keyboard? I want a keyboard and two screens side by side! AAAGGHHH!!!!!

    • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

      It depends how well the typing is implemented on it – it’s good that MSI is doing it on a 10 inch machine. How often do you type long documents on a netbook anyway?

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