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New NVIDIA Tegra: 2010 a tablet "revolution"

A new NVIDIA Tegra has just been outed here at CES. It’s the graphic chip that’ll be powering a whole new family of HD friendly tablets this year. And guess what? We just got a demo of them all! Read on for all the info.

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang outed the next version of the Tegra graphics system, which is used to fuel HD video playback in gadgets like the Zune HD at the company’s press conference today in Las Vegas. It’s an incredibly powerful chip, with eight independent processors, and a dual core Cortex A9-CPU that puts the iPhone 3GS’ hardware to shame.

Here’s where things get interesting though: the new NVIDIA Tegra will power a whole range of tablets coming this year from hardware manufactures including Asus, MSI, Compal, Quanta and Foxconn. They’ll last for up to 140 hours playing back music, and 16 hours for HD video, and they’ll support Adobe Air for cross platform applications and digital magazine downloads.

NVIDIA 3D Vision: Google Earth and browser support incoming!

This new generation of NVIDIA Tegra tablets will also handle high end graphics. Epic games’ Tim Sweeney demoed a game running on one using the company’s Unreal 3 engine. Think high end PC game graphics from just a few years ago, not the fuzzy, 2D sprites of a Nintendo DS game.

Huang proclaimed that 2010 will be the year of the “tablet revolution”, and with this sort of power inside them, we’re not going to argue. Now, who’s going to be making Apple’s tablet?


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