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The HP Mini 5102 is one of the smartest new netbooks we’ve seen so far here at CES in Las Vegas. It may not run Android, but it’s still toting a capacitive touchscreen, as well as one slick aluminium shell.Keep reading for the up close snaps!

The 10-inch HP Mini 5102 comes with Intel’s new N450 Atom processor, a sharp WXGA screen and a 6 cell battery good for 10 hours. But it’s the HP Mini 5102′s looks that have won us over: the angular, brushed metal look is a far cray form the smudgy Eee PC plastic, and there’s even a carry handle to tug it around.

You can lug one of yours around for the UK equivalent of $399 (£250), when HP deems fit, but in the meantime, click through our HP Mini 5102 gallery now for all the close ups.

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