Microsoft CourierMicrosoft’s Courier tablet device could break cover officially today during Steve Ballmer’s keynote CES address  tomorrow. The tablet is reportedly built by HP and could hit the shelves by mid-2010.

With the Apple Tablet reportedly set to be revealed on January 27, Microsoft could be seeking to get in first with the dual-screen Microsoft Courier.

Rumours that the Courier, which was previewed extensively as a concept by Gizmodo in September, come from the New York Times. It claims Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer will reveal it during his keynote address.

After the Microsoft Courier first emerged, it was suggested that it would become a real product in 2010. We’ve previously written about the Microsoft Courier’s interesting interface which features multitouch functions and lots of ebook reader smarts.

If Microsoft does launch the Courier during it’s press conference (due at 2.30am GMT, Thursday), it will be seen as a clear attempt to crash Apple’s Tablet party.  We’ve been impressed by the concept sketches of the Microsoft Courier but can it make it work in practice?

Electricpig’s roving team of reporters will be on hand to bring you news from the Microsoft keynote as it happens. Check our CES 2010 schedule for the rest of the key announcements.

Due TBA | £TBA | Microsoft (via NYT Bits)

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