Apple Magic MouseApple’s Magic Mouse is casting a bad spell on Bluetooth keyboards according to a growing group of users on Apple’s Discussion Boards. Is the Magic Mouse really causing power problems?

A significant number of users on Apple’s Discussion Boards are claiming that their Bluetooth keyboards have been snaffling batteries at a shocking rate since they got a Magic Mouse.

The complaints suggest that switching to rechargeable batteries and ensuring you’re running the latest software makes no difference – Apple’s Magic Mouse just keeps sucking up the power.

Some have speculated that the Apple Magic Mouse is stopping the keyboard from going into sleep mode, leaving it sapped of energy.

One Apple Magic Mouse user on the Apple Discussion Boards claims Apple Tech Support told them that it’s a known Bluetooth driver issue and that a fix is on the way. There’s no official word from Apple yet though.

Users first started reporting the problem after  Apple released Wireless Keyboard Update 2.0 on November 9 but the issue does not seem to be related to it.

This is not the first time we’ve heard about Bluetooth issues with the Apple Magic Mouse. We reported on November 9 (spooky!) about disconnection and tracking issues.

Have you experienced this issue? Let us know. And if you’re thinking of getting an Apple Magic Mouse, check out our Apple Magic Mouse hands-on photos.

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